Video Marketing Basics

Video marketing is one of the best techniques you can implement to market or  improve your business. Video Marketing is a highly effective marketing strategy that can be a primary source for lead generation and also a source to keep your followers engaged.  By implementing a video campaign and applying these basic skills, your video marketing campaigns will surrender a steady flow of online leads for your business.

Categorize or Outline your Content

Outline the content of your video in order to present a clear concise message.  Also this will help in the optimization during a brief text description.  Starting with an outline will give the viewer an expectation of what to expect and performed properly can instill excitement and viewer comprehension of the content.  Diving in to the content will not give a clear explanation to the viewers and will not help in the understanding  the benefits of the videos content.  Start with an outline like you would an essay to explain to viewers early on what to expect during the rest of the video.

A good format to follow is to find out what are your customers asking.  Are they seeking instructional description of your products/services uses?  Do they seek information regarding the resources of your product or service? Formulation of  a video providing three minute peek into the discussion will allow for viewers to stay engaged and stem appreciation due to your efforts in rendering answers to their questions.

Create a Documentary

Creating a video document of your typical work day, your process’, the operations of your business will only enforce on the know, like, trust factor.  Your viewers will develop the appreciation of how the production of your company is for their patronage.  An introduction to your colleagues or support staff, the layout of the operation, the steps or logistics required to produce a product or service for their usage; all instill a trust factor that will take your business to the next level.   The goal of a short documentary is to indicate to your viewers that you and your company are of trust worthy professionals.


Use your customer base on video, have them put emotion to your brand. This will show future clients or customers how it is to do business with your company and show them how they will be purchasing a life long bond with your company which is already changing lives around the nation.

Even though you are trying to market a business, it is recommended to get a little personal on your video delivery and to share personal stories that may help with a connection to others.  Be sure to keep a professional stand and composure throughout.

Be punctual.  If you are posting videos on a regular schedule, stick to it.  Over time, your viewers will anticipate videos from you and your company and will be part of their everyday life.  he same as following any other media outlet that are released at a specific time and on a specific day.  Let them know if there will not be an update or new video coming.

Allow for comments to be received on your video postings.  Marketing professionals depend on viewers comments in order to provide sought after content and also to determine the impact of the message. If your viewers are making you aware of issues with your videos, listen to them and correct or ascertain thought in their comments in order to develop a strategy to correct a concern.

YouTube is a great way to share your videos, however do not depend solely on one source for hosting your video.  Have your video library accessible throughout different sources.  Optimize each video as a blog post or web page for search engines to be able to index.  Allow your videos to be accessible to everyone by sharing your videos on your site and social media.

As was talked about in the opening paragraph of this article, video marketing is a terrific, highly effective way to improve your business and boost profits.  During the next several posts I will be discussing filming techniques, equipment preferences and reviews, optimization techniques (not only for YouTube), and content.  So stay tuned here at and also at ehomeofficesolutions.

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