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Market For Tomorrowhad been developed without a specific goal in mind except a simple call-to-action website for interested parties to gain an access point to developing a home based business.  In turn we would receive their contact information in hopes of developing a solid lead that needed a direction and would lead to developing our network even more.  No real intentions of making a sale or initiating  membership into one of our communities.  Even though the site funnels down to a membership community and more importantly, an opportunity.

A Big Ocean…

My beliefs still hold as they did when Market for Tomorrow had been developed.  The Internet Marketing business, hell any business for all that matters, is a relationship business.  We gather followers, they engage and in most cases, we develop lasting relationships.  These relationships are what facilitate Making Dreams Reality.  Without our community of those striving for similar goals or who have like interests, we would be nothing more than a minnow-in-the-ocean.

Networking for success…

With the development of your networks and linking them to a web that surrounds you, consideration should be given in order to categorize each niche to where it is most beneficial to you.  For example, with Internet Marketing, your network consists of pushing a product or service to market using hooks, capturing the lead, making a presentation and thanking them for the sale.  The product or service being sold is typically information on how to “do it” better or a product to do the job more efficient and have a higher return.

Your networks should be categorized in an order of such: marketing professionals – those requiring the skills to handle the actual mechanics of the business, such as graphics for websites, developing content, designing websites or any countless tasks required to have a presence on the web.  Another category should consist of your client base.  After all, they are the ones who will be taking you to the next level of income.  This is the most important category requiring the greatest amount of “work” in developing and maintaining.  Retention ratings in this category are crucial for your ongoing success.  And your network should consist of several accountability partners from each category and market niche.  These “accountability partners” are those individuals that will be on the journey with and for you.

Sewing your web…

Each element of your network that you’re creating needs careful attention given towards the interaction with your accountability partners.  Much like any large business; a board of directors, managers, supervisors or some sort of structural support should be in place.  Accountability partners will give that support  and structure that is needed for the direction given to them. They too have a passion for some area in the internet marketing arena and have a desire just as yourself.  They will become the teachers, the mentors the leaders of your network.  And in addition, usually will be mentors of one another, solidifying the strong network that you’ve developed through the duplication of yourself.

Market for tomorrow is a vehicle for anyone looking to fulfill a passion, not necessarily to develop the category designed to generate an income, but designed to stir an interest into something new.  A journey for developing wisdom, a way to develop a skill set, become more accountable and reliable for those in our live and more importantly…

A way to develop the mind shift that will lead us to actually be “Making Dreams Reality“.

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