Internet Marketing using Solo Ads

Solo Advertising

Solo Ads are an ad which is sent out to subscribers of an electronic magazine (ezine), but without any other content. These special issues of an ezine are simply content that contains a single ad.  Stand alone ads also known as solo adverts are statistically the most effective ezine advertising available.

The reason is very simple to why this form of marketing is so effective.  Your advertisement is sent to the ezine subscribers alone, without any other articles or ads that may distract the readers’ attention.  With this form of marketing, the efforts are very laser targeted toward a specific market niche.

Subscribers eyes are focused only on your ad and they must pay attention to only your ad.  It’s very important to have your ad or landing page developed and geared specifically to the reader.  Professional landing page or sales page templates are a must have for any marketer choosing to invest in solo ads.

Solo advertising tends to be the most expensive form of marketing, but with the highest return on investment.  Provided the campaigns are strategically developed and placed within the issues of an ezine.  Losses can be very significant if incorrect technique is used.

Many electronic magazines who sell their advertising space off  Solo Ad placement due to the possible liabilities involved with improper content, the potential of copyright infringement and the possibility of losing readers because of high advertisement content.

Please Note: If using Solo Advertising on your own newsletter, it’s very important to comply with anti-spamming regulations and offer an opt-out or unsubscribe .   Many subscribers do not wish to receive Solo Ads, especially if they were not informed that the newsletter or ezine supports solo advertising.

Here at ehomeofficesolutions we offer a comprehensive list of solo ad providers that have been researched as the top in the industry.  These providers offer many different programs providing an additional stream of income for your online business and also offer a large reader base in specific market niches’.  Feel free to browse our site and use these resources to aid in increasing your business’ revenue.

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