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Hello, my name is Bradley Bohmer, creator of ehomeofficesolutions.  You’ve probably found this page because you’re considering an online business or you’re looking to develop an online lead generation system for your present business.   This site is the official blog for  ehomeofficesolutions  and we will be providing continual training and support for Network Marketers, Affiliate and Direct Sales Marketing Professionals to help in developing strategies to generate more leads for their business’.  We will also be providing resources necessary to develop their business into a truly walk away income generation tool.  If you don’t find the information you’re looking for on this blog or any of our sites, feel free to contact me or one of my associates and we’ll be more than willing to assist you in any way.  It is our goal to provide you with as much information and value in order for you to develop your business into a profitable venture.

The Creation of ehomeofficesolutions…

Life for ehomeofficesolutions did not start out as the online resource for the marketer that we’ve grown to become. The learning curve began in the late 1980’s with operations in the automotive industry. During that time, the economy had been strong and appeared to be everlasting until crisis in the Middle East started to gradually crumble the American economy. Our country had been spread thin financially and politically. The work force was starting to become heavily outsourced overseas and as time grew older, the banking industry started to take on a different perspective also. Corporations started to downsize and jobs became a much sought after commodity. Due to the changing economy, this started to strain the automotive industry as well. Considering the changes our country was up against, times were still good. However the inevitable could be seen in the near future.

Taking the Lead with a New Direction…

A new direction for our business development was needed in order to ensure a healthy financial future. This was the start to an academic process and business venture that would eventually span the next three decades. Venturing with a well known Network Marketing company had definitely stemmed new economic growth into a young company later know as Bradley Allyn Information Services. This new company had been established to create a lead generation system that would surely cure the “pain” of most Network Marketers within the confines of the organization. By using print ads, pamphlets, brochures and other forms of marketing material, we would develop a system much more sophisticated and professional over the typical weekly meeting with the warm market and cold calling of prospects. We struggled for years and eventually came out on top with the knowledge base needed to succeed in a vast market place.

As a customer service representative for several large auto manufacturers, I’ve learned through the years, the importance of customer loyalty and the importance of providing true customer satisfaction as the catalyst to a high customer retention level. Providing value and having the ongoing support for a product or service was the key to longevity with any business.”

Developing New Strategies using the Internet…

In order to insure a continual growth of our marketing efforts and develop a long lasting residual passive income, the numbers just would not calculate into a sustainable future. This was the insight that led to the merge from Bradley Allyn Information Services to the internet based ehomeofficesolutions and it’s entities. The internet was the only answer to reach the masses and train on a level that could be duplicated many times over accurately. However, even with the efficiency of the Internet, additional financial support was necessary to accomplish the goal of providing a better system to the marketer for growing their dreams into reality. At that time, other avenues of income had to form revenue for ehomeofficesolutions. We had developed Joint ventures with other companies to market their products and services and reentered the information arena. A whole new strategy emerged using multiple techniques to generate the clientele base. From pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, pay-per-view, social media to video marketing all had been implemented. And later full comprehension took place to where an understanding of each technique and it’s effects occurred. Using multiple forms or variations of these marketing techniques to capture a precise market allowed us to discover a true way to sustaining customer retention and satisfaction. We are now able to provide a steady stream of knowledge and resources to the online business owner and marketer to where they are truly “Making Dreams Reality”.