Generating Website Traffic through Article Writing

Creating articles is possibly the ultimate way to generated traffic on your site with very little or no cost.  A short article, submitted to a number of places, creates permanent avenues of traffic.  Here are a few of the ways articles bring traffic aimed at your website:

1. Click-through from article banks:  Readers gain access to your articles at article banks, and click on the link in the “author’s resource box.” This not only generates engagement, but also will generate an email list provided a form is provided for the reader to enter pertinent contact information.

2. Search engine optimization traffic:  Search “online lead generation” on Google, and sites with my article is going to be in the results.  Wherever this great article is found, readers can click through to my marketing website.

3. Other sites:  Sharing of articles with other sites will help promote your site through linking (back linking) or simply by using your article as a resource associated with the other sites pertinent information.

Article Submission – Basic fundamentals

Submit your articles to article banks and ezines for publication.  Article banks usually take “free-distribution articles” meaning anyone can incorporate the use of them for a website, newsletter or blog.  They just can’t change the content, and they have to help leave your link productive.  The link is inside the “resource box, ” where you claim something about yourself and also invite the reader to visit your web site.

Post a write-up once, and it can certainly spread, creating permanent avenues of traffic.  The article over a period of time will generate click through to other sites which will tend to allow for permanent real estate on the web as a placeholder.  Articles will tend to be attached to landing pages and or websites as a resource and typically remain there over a long period of time.

The Simplest Article Writing

Article writing isn’t for every internet marketer.  Online articles tend to be short and less conventional than magazine articles.  But if you truly don’t enjoy writing, here is another “list-article”.  This is the most used form of article online, which is fortunate, because it’s also the perfect type to write.

For an information site, writing a quick introduction about the product service or niche, a list using a sentence or two in relation to each item, a bit about the author plus a link to a related website, and you’re done.  Producing quick simple tips or tricks is the quickest and most read articles online today.

Please note some article banks charge fees, but there are various sites that have a no charge policy for article submission.  In addition there are more ways to generate traffic along with your articles. To find out more about article submission and how to generate traffic, visit our site at ehomeofficesolutions.

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