Distribute Your Blog Content Efficiently

There are multiple ways in getting your content distributed, also develop back-links and traffic to your blog. Distributing your own content can be very time consuming especially when there are multiple “Tricks of the Trade” you can do to get distribution automatically and effortlessly.
There are many content distribution services available to the Internet Marketer to help in the process.


By using one log-in, HootSuite can post to multiple social networks with just one posting of your publication, saving time and in essence, money. Account set-up consists of entering all of your social networks then start posting in one location.  By spending just a few moments preparing your post, then sending out a quick “snippet” about your post, multiple back-links will have been generated pointing back at your blog post.


You will get a chance to receive a massive increase in exposure and a boost in credibility. You will be able to include a short blurb about yourself, your business, and your website in your Resource Box (located directly below your article body) that delivers a qualified visitors back to your website.
EzineArticles.com serves millions of unique visitors monthly and has over 100,000+ RSS feeds plus 700+ email alert lists designed to announce every new article posted to over 100,000 permission-based members/publishers.
Publishers are required to include your Resource Box (which contains your mini-bio or website contact information) and not alter or edit your article in any way without obtaining your permission first.

RSS Directories

Blog and has circulated blog posts pretty much since blogging had been developed on the internet.
WordPress offers a list to start you off with RSS Directories that can be updated and expanded.
Submitting your blog to a few of the main RSS directories is a very effective technique that can provide a great distribution with a vast coverage on the internet.  One downside to using some of the main RSS Directories is the initial cost for the distribution service, however, the expanded coverage in most cases is worth the initial investment.

Ping List Pro is the ultimate ping list plugin for professional bloggers. Your blog will be updated with a fresh, 100% tested ping list every day with the latest, most important and relevant sites.  Avoid being marked as spam with Ping List Pro’s ability to disable sending multiple pings on the editing of posts.

This list is only touching the surface on distribution services to syndicate your articles and develop back-links.  Do investigate more possibilities and check for other valuable resources at ehomeofficesolutions.

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