Direct Marketing with SMS Technology

With the ever growing demand for portability in today’s society, cell phone technology has grown exponentially.  However, the use of SMS (Short Messaging Service) has increased in usage and has not changed to dramatically.  Everyone has a cellphone and we all text.  We’re all constantly connected no matter where we are located.  Having this channel of communication is an incredible opportunity for any business, through the use of SMS advertising: your customers get a small message alerting them to any specials or sales you’re having, or a particular product you want to bring to their attention. There are some regulations that are must follow when using SMS marketing.

Remember that your customers or potential customer’s  privacy is key and should not be taken lightly.  Messages should only be received after explicitly agreeing and opting in to receive messages and should have the ability to “stop” message or cancel at any time.  The same holds true as with email marketing.  Both email and SMS advertising is a mutual decision between merchant and customer.  In adhering to a customer’s privacy and response a much more friendly and respectable transaction will transpire.  With the recipient having the control of when and how to receive SMS advertising, your customer base will be well informed, satisfied, and happy.

SMS advertisements are limited by a character cap of 140 words and should be precise and to the point.  Elimination of superfluous words while maintaining readability and professionalism with your message, stay far away from ‘1337’ speak and popular text shortcuts or jargon, your message should be readable to the broadest of audiences, and plain English is the best form in getting your message across.

Hooks are the purpose of SMS advertising.  If a message is transmitted,  customers should come in return.  You do this by making sure you’re targeting a receptive audience, and tailoring the message to fit your customer group or market niche.  A series of follow up messages should follow to keep the engagement and enthusiasm flowing.  Ultimately your potential customer should have the sense of individuality and importance.

SMS advertising is a valuable tool for any 21st Century business, and if you follow the rules outlined here you’ll make it a safe, unobtrusive way to generate extra income and customers.  SMS advertising will only enhance your existing customer base and generally stimulate growth within your existing client base.

For more information on SMS marketing and for a demonstration, TEXT the word “SMS‘ to (425) 279-7483, scan the QR code below or enter your cell phone number in the form below.  Also, for an opportunity to bring this to your marketing plan, visit ehomeofficesolutions for a complete breakdown on how we can help your business with SMS Technology.

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